Thank you for everything that you and your company do to help in the success of Shield Industries. Beyond the print quality of the labels, the prompt deliveries, and the competitive pricing; it has been the incredible service that you continuously provide that has been instrumental.

It is hard to believe that it has been more than 12 years since we first started working together. As we have discussed several times, prior to Integrity Packaging it seemed as if we were changing label providers on a yearly basis. With other suppliers there always seemed to be issues with quality, long lead-time issues and/or delays. Labels, and label providers, were a constant source of concern and aggravation. Thankfully, since 2004 I hardly ever have had to worry about label issues. I don’t need to because I know that you always have my back. When we have a problem, you make it your problem to solve on our behalf. Beyond being an excellent vendor, you have actually become partner and an instrumental part of our company. Given this close relationship, and despite frequent solicitations, I have had no interest in speaking to or meeting with other label providers. There is simply no reason to do so. It is unlikely that they could provide a better quality level, and impossible that they could provide better service !

In the event that you may ever be in need of a testimonial, I would be honored to do so. Please feel free to have prospective customers contact me by either phone or email. It is the least that I can do considering all that you have done for us over the years.

Thank you yet again.

Bob Lasnik

VP Operations, Shield Industries, Inc.

As a beginner in this packaging game I needed someone to have my back and tell me the truth on all matters. Kevin and Cathy at IPG were those people. The first word in their name is “integrity” and that holds true with this company. Not only are they talented at what they do, and fast, but more important to me was the fact that they treated me like family from the moment I met them. Every experience I have had with IPG has been amazing. They are professional, skilled, honest and kind. If those are qualities you value then you have found a home at IPG.

Jeff Selano

Managing Partner, Bathroom Ninja

Whether it’s a last minute, emergency label reorder with zero time to spare, or a very detail-oriented packaging assignment destined for national exposure at the retail level, Integrity Packaging Group is the source I turn to for all my important projects that I need produced on-time and as planned.

John Tomé

Senior Graphics Coordinator, Gourmet Foods International

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