High Quality Print and Design

professional-looking labels, durable signs and tags

Flexible Packaging

Packaging material eliminates
the use of bottles or jars

Flexo Printing Chemicals

Aerosol Cans

Food & Beverage


A unique opportunity to design and brand your product for any custom shaped bottle or jar. Suitable for metal, glass or plastic containers. Provides much-needed print areas for logos, additional text or a way to separate your product from your competition. A great way to add tamper-proof sealing as a security protection for your cap or lid.


A universal adhesive-based application that is cost effective for most custom print orders. Provides high quality graphics and print capabilities up to 10 colors. Multiple coatings such as matte, gloss and metallic cold-foils are commonly used. A complete in-line operation that is fast and efficient.


Direct print onto the packaging material eliminates the use of bottles or jars, thus reducing your unit costs. Allows you to provide single-serving portions to customers at a fraction of normal production costs. A great way to offer product or promotional samples or seasonal packaging designs.

Do You Need Labels?

Integrity Packaging offers labels for all purposes, ranging from basic black and white shipping labels, to the most weather-resistant, durable labels to use outdoors to intricate full-color wine labels that include embossing and stamping, in quantities starting at 250 up to millions.  The most recent digital label equipment that we use fully complements the traditional flexographic presses that form our base to provide you with the best label solution for whatever application you need it for.  We do it all, from long-run flexographic labels to short-run digital labels, sheet-fed or roll-fed, full color or black and white, with a wide range of adhesives and substrates. No matter what application you need labels for, our Integrity Packaging label experts will create labels for you that won’t ever let you down or disappoint you.

Our Label Quality Is The One Thing That Will Never Change

Cold, hot, dry, wet, outside, inside or upside down.  Whatever it happens to be, you need your labels to look great in all conditions.  You won’t look good if your labels don’t.  The production and design experts at Integrity Packaging can assist in a thorough investigation of storage environments and usage to make sure that the best adhesive, ink and substrate are used to guarantee the highest level of durability even under the worst conditions.  We will ensure that your label is created in such a way that it reduces the chances of slipping, fading, cracking or peeling.

We will also ensure you receive perfectly matched, vibrant colors.  For color formulation we utilize advanced color management techniques incorporating mathematical ink formulas, and for color verification we use spectrophotometers.  Technology-driven color results in your labels coming out in your specific colors each and every time.  Also, for those times when you need to add a bit of extra glamour to your label, we can use special techniques to dress them up like custom dies, varnishes, embossing and hot foil stamping.  Increase the charm of your product as well as your sales.


Our vast amount of printing services and capabilities always ensures Integrity Packaging Group can fulfill your label needs.

Customer Service is our primary focus and we want you to love your labels the first time you get them to ensure you keep coming back for more. We are the company that provides quality and consistency that you can depend on.

Integrity Packaging is a proud labeling company dedicated to creating custom labels for any and all purposes. Focusing on building dependable relationships with our clients, Integrity Packaging is more than willing to go above and beyond for our customers.

Take advantage of our cutting edge HP Indigo digital technology to:


  • Custom design and create labels with different images, colors text and sizes.
  • Constant marketing and production techniques can keep you ahead of the curve
  • The ability to change labels when needed if updates, ingredients, prices, or qualities are adjusted
  • Adding promotions for different events or changes in season or product
  • Add information to build a personal relationship with consumers and products
  • Keep well organized with bar codes or number tracking
  • Capitalize on high quality digital print that provides clear and concise text in all sizes
  • Stay economical and budget friendly with small batches

Our Mission

From artistically crafted package labels that have been designed to increase sales and grab the attention of consumers to safety labels for pointing out danger, mission-critical information is conveyed by labels.  That is why it is such a critical decision to choose the right label supplier.  Allow us to assist you with completing your mission by providing you with labels that never let your down and do it all for you.  Give us a call or fill our contact form out today for more information.