Digital Printing

It has never been any easier than it is now.

It is essential to stay nimble within today’s every-changing and increasingly competitive market.  The digital label equipment that we use doesn’t require lengthy set-up or plates, which means you can incorporate changes frequently to your graphics without any additional drop in quality, time or cost.  So go ahead and test out the waters, reposition, rebrand or refresh.  You can be completely flexible with Integrity Packaging.

This is where things can start to get complicated.  Fulfillment and kitting frequently require resources, time and expertise that many businesses do not have.

HP Indigo Digital

Our HP Indigo digital technology is cutting edge and allows you to:

  • Create various label versions for different sizes, flavors, markets or years. Change any combination of color, image or text.
  • Test out new marketing techniques or market to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Quickly react whenever ingredients change, prices change or you need to  make any critical updates.
  • Additional promotional and seasonal information
  • Add variable information to provide  a personal touch which makes a true difference.
  • Keep on track with consecutive bar codes or numbers
  • Enjoy high digital quality capable of producing crisp, legible text even in very small type sizes
  • Use small batch cost-effective printing to stay within budget and eliminate obsolescence

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