Our Production Department is extremely versatile and makes it possible for us to print on a wide variety of materials including films, papers, laminated board, foils and unsupported shrink films. Being able to print as many as ten colors in-line either using UV curing or water-based inks provides us with the flexibility that a majority of manufacturing plants don’t have.

Because we maintain a complete inventory of substrates within our material holding air conditioned warehouse, it provides us with the bulk purchasing power that makes it possible for us to pass along whatever cost savings we are able to achieve to our customers. For our approved clients, we offer programs like Make And Holds or Just In Time, or if necessary we can customize these programs in order to meet specific client requests. No matter what, our top priority is partnering with you in a way that all of your requirements are met.

There are many areas that our company takes great pride in. One of them is print and color consistency. The investment we have made into our computerized Ink Management System has made it possible for us to achieve our desired color consistency. We regulate print consistency through the stringent GMP procedures that we have implemented, and that are considered to be among the industry’s best.

Our printing capabilities include the following:

Why Digital Printing? (click to expand)
    • Fast Turnaround
    • With no plates and little or no setup, we can have your job ready to print within minutes. Plus we have the flexibility to get your job on and off the press quickly without costly setup fees or change-overs.
    • High Quality
    • Digital Printing offers high quality and high resolution that flexo just cannot match. Every label will feature crisp text and unparalleled registration. Take your creativity to new heights as you are no longer bound by the rules of the old flexographic printing world.
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Due to many factors, including the lack of a tedious setup process, Digital Printing is more cost effective, especially for smaller quantities. You will receive no plate charges, little or no setup fees, and minimal change-over costs. All of this adds up to a cost savings for you. Additionally, since there are no plates in digital printing, you have the freedom to update your label or brand anytime without costly new plate charges. Cutting dies for digital labels are a fraction of the cost of flexo dies.
    • Just In Time
    • Digital Printing allows you to order only the quantities you need rather than larger quantities just to get to a specific unit price. QTL will work with its customers on a JIT delivery system that we will designed to your specific needs. JIT will save you inventory cost and space.
    • Variable Data
    • The ability to print variable data including barcodes, consecutive numbers, or even variable 4-color process images can give your company unparalleled flexibility. Anything from retailer/customer specific labels to seasonal packaging.
    • Have you outgrown short and medium runs?
    • One of the benefits to QTL Digital printing,is that if your company or product warrants higher volume purchases we can transition you form digital to flexographic printing, where you can reap the benefits of volume discounts.

What are Flexo Labels?



Flexographic printing is a kind of relief printing process where flexible plates are used that are made out of a Photopolymer material. Engraved anilox cylinders are used to transfer a certain quantity of ink onto the plates.  The substrate gets fed through the rollers, while the ink gets transferred from the plate onto the substrate to create the image.  The packaging industry uses the Flexo printing method extensively for multiple substrates.  A wide range of substrates can be printed by Flexo, including a wide variety of paper types, metallic films and paper and plastics.


Applications for Flexo…


The packaging industry most commonly uses Flexo for shrink sleeves, tags, flexible packaging, bags, tape and labels.  There are numerous styles, applications and specialty labels offered by IPG.  If you don’t find your application, please be sure to ask one of our knowledge customer service representatives.


Label Use

Barcode Labels / Bath & Body Labels / Beer Labels / Beverage Labels / Bottle Labels / Candle Labels / CD Labels / Chemical Labels / Cosmetic Labels / Food Labels / Fruit & Produce Labels / Medical Labels / Nutraceutical Labels / Pharmaceutical Labels / Promotional Labels / Sauce Labels / Shipping Labels / Stickers (rolls/sheets) / Vitamin Labels / Warning Labels / Water Bottle Labels / Wine Labels

Specialty Labels

 4 Color Process Labels / Foil Stamping / Coupon Labels / Direct/Thermal Transfer / Flexible Packaging / Hang Tags / Multi-Layer Labels / Numerical Labels / Piggyback Labels / Recyclable Labels / Roll Labels / Short Run Labels / Sheeted Labels / Weatherproof Labels /  Variable Data Labels / Label Style / Clear Labels / Foil Labels / Fluorescent Labels / Glossy White Labels / DayGlo Labels / Matte White Labels

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