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Our Production Department is extremely versatile and makes it possible for us to print on a wide variety of materials including films, papers, laminated board, foils and unsupported shrink films. Being able to print as many as ten colors in-line either using UV curing or water-based inks provides us with the flexibility that a majority of manufacturing plants don’t have. Because we maintain a complete inventory of substrates within our material holding air conditioned warehouse, it provides us with the bulk purchasing power that makes it possible for us to pass along whatever cost savings we are able to achieve to our customers. For our approved clients, we offer programs like Make And Holds or Just In Time, or if necessary we can customize these programs in order to meet specific client requests. No matter what, our top priority is partnering with you in a way that all of your requirements are met. There are many areas that our company takes great pride in. One of them is print and color consistency. The investment we have made into our computerized Ink Management System has made it possible for us to achieve our desired color consistency. We regulate print consistency through the stringent GMP procedures that we have implemented, and that are considered to be among the industry’s best. Our printing capabilities include the following:

  • Flexible shrink films
  • Coupons
  • Folding Cartons
  • Holograms
  • Cold Foil printing
  • Double sided printing
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Tamper evident / Tamper proof
  • Removable / repositional adhesives
  • Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
  • Clear No-Label Look
  • Pharmaceutical Grade pouches
  • FDA
  • Booklets (Foldovers) Peel and Stick
  • Baggage Tags
  • Static Cling
  • UV & water-based inks
  • Up to 10 colors Flexo Graphic, digital printing is unlimited colors

Digital Labels

digital printing comp
Printing has gone digital just like so many other industries have. The printing industry has been revolutionized by digital printing and the way it views variable data, full color and short and medium run printing. The processes of inking the press up, plates or making files are not required by digital printing. This reduces the amount of labor needed and set-up time, which results in lower prep charges compared to flexographic printing.

The HP Indigo Digital press allows Integrity Packaging Group to offer a broad range of medium and short run labels at lower costs compared to flexo. Digital, like flexo, is able to print on various substrates, including up to 18 point folding tag, flexible packaging, metallics, films and paper. Give Integrity Packaging a call today if you have any questions about digital printing or don’t see the application you need.

Why Should You Use Digital Printing?

– Fast Turnaround

– With no or little setup and no plates, it only takes minutes for us to get your job prepared to print. In addition, we have plenty of flexibility to get your job on the press and off quickly without expensive change-overs or setup fees.

– High Quality

– High resolution and high quality is offered by Digital Printing that can’t be matched by flexo. Each label will feature registration that is unparalleled and crisp text. Once you are not bound by the old flexographic printing world’s old rules, your creativity can be taken to new heights.

– Cost Effectiveness

– Digital Printing is much more cost effective, particular for smaller quantities, due to a number of different factors, which include not having to deal with a tedious setup process. You will receive minimal change-over costs, no or low setup fees, and no plate charges. This all results in cost savings to you. Also, since digital printing does not involve any plates, you are free to update your brand or label at anytime without having expensive new plate charges. Compare to costs for flex dies, cutting dies used with digital labels cost much less.

– Just In Time

– With Digital Printing, you can order just the quantities that you really need instead of larger quantities to get a lower unit price. A JIT delivery system is used by Integrity Packaging Group to work with its customers that is designed to meet their specific needs. JIT saves space and inventory costs.

– Variable Data

– Your company is provided with unparalleled flexibility by being able to print variable data, which includes variable 4-color process images, consecutive numbers and barcodes. It includes anything from seasonal package to customer or retail specific labels.

– Have you outgrown medium and short runs?

– Integrity Packaging Group Digital printing offers many benefits, one of them being if your product or company is in need of higher volume purchases it that you can be transitioned over to flexographic printing from digital printing, so that volume discounts can benefit your company.

Flexo Labels

– Flexographic printing is a kind of relief printing process where flexible plates are used that are made out of a Photopolymer material. Engraved anilox cylinders are used to transfer a certain quantity of ink onto the plates. The substrate gets fed through the rollers, while the ink gets transferred from the plate onto the substrate to create the image. The packaging industry uses the Flexo printing method extensively for multiple substrates. A wide range of substrates can be printed by Flexo, including a wide variety of paper types, metallic films and paper and plastics.

Flexo Applications

flexo printing comp
The packaging industry most commonly uses Flexo for shrink sleeves, tags, flexible packaging, bags, tape and labels. There are numerous styles, applications and specialty labels offered by Integrity Packaging Group. If you don’t find your application, please be sure to ask one of our knowledge customer service representatives.

Services For Industrial Labeling

Blank Labels

Many materials can be used to make die-cut blank labels, including Polyester, Polyolefin, BOPP, Vinyl, Gold or Silver Metallic Film or Paper, Direct Thermal Paper, Thermal Transfer Paper, Matte Litho, Opaque and Uncoated Paper. They may be delivered in the form of die-cut blanks onto rolls that come with or without fan folding or Perf. The customer is then able to hand write or print their variable data onto their labels, such as Tracking Numbers, Expiration Date or Lot Code. Frequently there is a combination of a barcode and variable data (shipping address, product name or other information). The bar code label may be used for inventory control, track and number other applications. Does anyone still remember Dot Matrix Printing. We still do pinfed labels/dot matrix labels.

Consecutive Barcodes

Integrity Packaging Group’s Digital Press and Thermal Printers can supply you with labels that contain variable data. Integrity Packaging Group can furnish you with blank and pre-printed labels that contain variable data, which eliminates you having to purchase variable printing equipment for doing it in-house. Human-readable copy and consecutive bar codes can be printed with starting and ending codes. Random or cells that are pre-determined from a data file or spreadsheet can also be used.

Variable Artwork

The variable imaging world has been changed by digital printing.  Integrity Packaging Group can vary artwork or photos using a single print job, thanks to our brand new HP Indigo digital label press. Just think of a custom label roll that feature a sports team with each label having a different player on it. Your imagination can run wild with all the possibilities. Since no printing plates are used by our digital press, it isn’t limited to static information or artwork.

Industrial Labels

In today’s markets, Industrial Labels have numerous applications. You can use them for specifications, hazardous materials, inventory control or any place where important information needs to be displayed at a glance. Our inventory carries a complete line of paper and film with different adhesive to meet all of your Industrial Label requirements. We are able to print Industrial Labels for you in up to 6 colors with laminate and spot or full UV. We have a wide selection of die-cut sizes and shapes as well to fit your specific application.  Integrity Packaging Group can pre-print Industrial Labels for you so that it is thermal, dot matrix or laser printable at your own facility. For inventory control, ask for more information on our magnetic barcode.

Thermal Supplies

Integrity Packaging Group provide a complete lineup of Thermal Transfer products and machines. Give us a call today for information and pricing. If you don’t see your specific application, ask a customer representative about it so we can help you locate it.


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