• Kraft Paper
  • Destructible Films
  • Tyvek Tags
  • Multi-layer Label (Piggyback)
  • All DayGlo Colors
  • Ink Jet/Laser Imprintable
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Tag Stock
  • White and Clear Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Gum Stock
  • 3M Materials
  • Opaque Cover Up Stock
  • Thermal Film and Paper
  • C1S and C2S Paper
  • Metallic Film and Paper
  • Up to 18 pt Folding Tag
  • Static Cling
  • White and Clear Polyolefin
  • White and Clear BOPP
  • Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte and Uncoated Paper


For a majority of custom print orders this is a cost-effective universal adhesive-based application.  It provides print capabilities for as many as 10 colors and high quality graphics.  Multiple coatings are commonly used, including metallic cold-foils, gloss and matte.  This complete in-line operation is efficient and fast.



Printing directly onto packaging material eliminates having to use jars or bottles, which helps to reduce your unit costs.  This makes it possible for you to offer your customers single-serving portions at a fraction of what normal product costs would be.  It is a great way of offering seasonal package design or promotional or product samples.



This service provides you with a unique opportunity for designing and branding your product for all custom shaped jars and bottles.  It is suitable for plastic, glass or metal containers.  It provides the necessary print areas for additional text, logs or a way of making your product stand apart from the competition.  It’s a great way of adding tamper-proof sealing as a way to provide your lid or cap with security protection.

Over two-thirds of retail purchasing decisions are made at point of purchase.  Therefore, the label on your product could potentially be the most strategic marketing tool at your disposal.  According to studies, it takes five seconds for the average consumer to select a product off the shelf.  What that means is that your label only has seconds for capturing the attention of a buyers and convincing them to put your product into their shopping cart.

It is definitely a tough environment, with your label out on the front line.  What can you do to ensure that your label makes the most of those 5 seconds?  In needs to be designed, like all other marketing tools, by keeping in mind the Big 3.

1.  Know your brand: Is the image, core values and quality that you are wanting to portray reflected properly by the label?

2.  Know your audience: Is the label one that will appeal to your target consumer?

3.  Know your competition: Among the competition, does your label really stand out?  If they have ornate ones, maybe yours should be simple and sleek.

The Integrity Packaging label experts work with you and design a label that will reflect your brand, invigorate your marketing message and fit within your budget.  We completely understand that your label reflects the image of your company within the marketplace and your commitment to your customers.  That is why we will partner with you to help make sure your image is targeted perfectly.

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